As a Community of Christ Bethany CRC feels that Global Outreach is an important part of our mission. This outreach, takes many forms; from week long youth mission trips to indefinate mission trips accross the globe, to giving up an afternoon to serve at a local soup kitchen. There are many ways for us as a congregation to become involved in this Global Outreach such as considering a mission trip for youself, supporting an ongoing mission trip, through prayer and support to those currently on mission trips, or through local volunteering. For details on what some of the members of our congregation are already doing across the globe visit the links below.

Devon Van Hoffen is currently on a one year mission trip in Africa through an organization called Hand's at Work. For more information and to keep in touch visit Devon's Blog.

Elise Wierenga is currently volunteering as the kindergarten teacher at the Utila Methodist Community College in Utila. This is her second year in Utila and for more information on what she is doing there and to keep in touch with Elise visit Elise's Website.